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Nonprofits Prepare for Fight Over Future of Dot-Org Domain

December 13th 2019 7:30PM
A coalition of nonprofits and free-speech advocates say they are considering all options, including legal action, in their fight to halt the proposed sale ...

Social media influencer sentenced to 14 years for plot to steal a domain name by gunpoint

December 13th 2019 7:18PM
Social media influencer sentenced to 14 years for plot to steal a domain name by ... When E.D. told him it was not for sale, Adams reportedly left.

Domains For Sale

December 13th 2019 6:59PM
Learn more about the domain purchase process. Rare Domains For Sale | Aged Premium Domains. were all cleaned from anything worth it in the last ...

Domain Sale

December 13th 2019 6:28PM
Every website listed for sale on domainsforsale. Pay less for domain names. Buy from our catalog of domain now! Featuring Domain for sale on Ebay.

It's Time for a Referendum on Orgxit

December 13th 2019 6:11PM
ORG domain since 2002 — was in the same position as Cameron. ... the sale, including most recently the International Trade Union Confederation, ...

Konami 'Abandons' Silent Hill, Website Domain For Sale At $10000

December 13th 2019 6:03PM
It's looking like the end of the line for Silent Hill as Konami has placed the website domain up for sale.

Churn rate for domains is over 30 percent according to a new study

December 13th 2019 5:03PM
The latest research into domain registrations has revealed the extent of the churn rate ... On analyzing the data sample, which covers one million domains, ... by other registrants and how many are left to expire and go back on sale?
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